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    Supplier vendor management form

    Acceptable document types (National Identity Number, Voter’s card, Nigerian Bank Verification Number, Driver’s license, Passport

    Signing this form binds the vendor – contractor to their offered promises of 100% Guarantees. SUPPLIER (VENDOR) MANAGEMENT FORMVENDOR INFORMATIONONBOARDING DETAILS (Fill as contractor if not a business). Agreement PeriodAlternate AgreementService Or Supplier TypeCCTV Security Installations(Check only one or all of what supplier provides)Company Name + RC NumberRep NameGovernment Issued ID AddressContact E-MailMobile No.Bank Account Details (For Payments or Workmarkship)Tin (Tax ID Number)Guarantor NameMobile Phone Screen RepairsLogistics (Deliveries)Write other type of service or supplyNon-Compete. In consideration of the benefits provided for in this Agreement, Executive covenants and agrees that during the Contracting Period and for a period of six (6) months following the termination of his / her contract for whatever reason, or following the date of cessation of the last violation of this Agreement, or from the date of entry by a court of competent jurisdiction of a final, unappealable judgment enforcing this covenant, whichever of the foregoing is last to occur, he will not, for himself, or in conjunction with any other person, firm, partnership, corporation or other form of business organization or arrangement (whether as a shareholdeshareholder, partner, member, principal, agent, lender, director, officer, manager, trustee, representative, employee or consultant), directly or indirectly, be employed by, provide services to, in any way be con-nected, associated or have any interest in, or give advice or consultation to any customer or partner of The Avenue Creative LTD or The Avenue Gadgets and Electronics.

    (What the above agreement means, is that outside your agreement with The Avenue Creative Limited, you will not poach or approach our client for separate engagments, to avoid conflicts or issues. Violation of this will bring full legal repercussions.)